Irbis Marriage Agency We help to make acquaintances with Japanese men for marriage purposes

Irbis Marriage Agency We help to make acquaintances with Japanese men for marriage purposes

Privacy Policy

The use of personal information by PRIDE NEXT LLC is in compliance with laws and ordinances of personal information usage. In addition to these managements (that our partners and third parties also are informed of), we are constantly seeking to maintain and improve them and always seek the best ways to manage personal information we work with.

Definition of personal information
Personal information is: your name, date of birth and other descriptive information that may help to identify a particular person, or lead to discovery of information that may help to identify a particular person.
Collecting personal information
We collect our clients' personal information through inquiry or registration forms for further work. When collecting information, we specify the purpose of use and use legal and fair means to do so.
We collect the information below:
Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, occupation etc., history of using our services and its details.
Everything mentioned above is information that helps identify a particular person.
Use of personal information
The purpose of using our clients' personal information is:
・To reply to the inquiries
・To reply to the registration inquires etc.
・To make contact while dealing with the customer

We will not provide our customers' personal information to any third parties except for cases listed below:
・When it is based on law, and in case it is necessary for a national organization or local public entity or a person commissioned to cooperate to carry out the office work prescribed by the law.
・When it is necessary for protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
Safety control of personal information
In addition to taking reasonable, organizational, physical, humane, and technical measures for the safety control of personal information entrusted from customers, by appropriate handling in accordance with relevant laws and regulations we will strive to prevent the risk of personal information being lost, altered or leaked from the cause of illegal handling of personal data.
Correction or deletion of personal information
In case of receiving a request from the customer to stop using, correct or delete their personal information, we will promptly respond to their request.
About the use of cookies
To provide a better service for our customers, we use cookies on our website. By using cookies, we do not collect any personal information, and our clients' privacy is completely protected. In case you do not want to use cookies, you can change it in the settings of your browser.
※Cookies are sent to a customer's browser from the server computer, and are accumulated on a customer's hard disk.
Changes of privacy policy
In case of changing any personal information we have collected, or changing the privacy policy, we will make an official announcement about it on our website.
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